The Space Between Two Absolutes
Our actions and thoughts are negotiated within the privacy of our minds. This isolation can be seen as one of the greatest and most difficult elements of being. Language, spoken or physical, is our only conduit for relaying thoughts to one another, and is just as complex and fragile a system as light or sound. As we continue to participate in a technologically driven culture of connectivity and distance our relationship to the corporeal becomes more and more significant and at stake.

I work with alternative process photography, installation, sound, and sculpture. Through these mediums I explore the complexities that exist between the limitations of the body and the phenomenon of the physical world in which we live. As a society we have designed technologies such as photography that are emblematic of our limitations with memory and loss. The photograph is symbolic of our longing to make a moment permanent. Science and religion attempt to answer many of our difficult existential questions but both are inadequate. Most recently, the Internet attempts to bridge the distance between us metaphorically and physically. Ironically, the Internet and its devices become both a conduit and a barrier. We are allowed to passively communicate, but our involvement and affect on one another is lessened.

I am inspired by all of what photography does; scientifically, phenomenologically and metaphorically. I am classically trained in analogue and alternative photographic mediums. I treat photography as a material. Although the act of photographing and working in the darkroom is an experience I enjoy, the lag between making and viewing limits the viewer’s ability to see evidence of the process in the final image. This issue has inspired an interest in the camera as an apparatus. The camera is much like the human body; it sees, absorbs and records memory. For me, installation enables the viewer to become both participants and observers in the work. Much of my recent works start as a photograph and evolve into installation.

Where there are connections there are possibilities for gaps. Much of my work expresses anxieties associated with uncertainty. Whether it is love and loss, science and religion, language and empathy, or technology and communication as humans we ebb and flow through moments of clarity where we ask questions that lead back to moments of confusion.