Once Removed


Once Removed,  is a sculptural piece which engages photography, light and its relationship to time.  As one approaches the piece the only thing observed is a light and a glowing box that resembles a frozen block of ice.  The front of this box has a peephole.  When the viewer leans down to peer into the box they see an image of my grandmother that my grandfather took when she was about my age.  I printed a positive Ambrotype on glass from my Pappap’s negatives.  It is a black and white image but with all of the tell tale marks of the wet plate process. Viewing the photograph through the peephole appears to be much smaller and further away than it actually is.  This piece was one of my first works pertaining to death and family.  Perhaps this piece is more a memorial to both my grandparents, but it speaks to death, time, distance, and loss.