Phantasmagoric Observations


Phantasmagoric Observations is a seven foot by seven foot magic lantern with a person hidden on the inside.  This magic lantern is a light proof, lit room with a lens.  It is installed in a dark space.  Light from inside the magic lantern travels through the lens and is observed on a frosted piece of plexi.  As the viewer enters the installation space, it is dark with the exception of a small round disc on the floor.  As the viewer approaches the disk, they notice there is a larger than life image of an upside down holographic face.  Questions arise as to the nature of this image –– is it a photograph, or a video?  As time passes by the face begins to blink and move.  Finally the person on the inside stands up and walks to the back of the magic lantern.  The person is no longer visible, but can be heard.  Phantasmogoric Observations plays with ideas of absence and presence.  It begins to question our growing interpersonal connections with each other as a result of technology.  It also begins to question our relationship to photography.


phantasmagoric observations from carolinevalites on Vimeo.