Corporeal Thresholds


Corporeal Thresholds is an interactive installation with a wooden floor, a sound installation and magnetic sculptures.  Using metaphor and demonstrations of laws of physics, Corporeal Thresholds touches on the ease of loss relating to a loved one or a relationship.  It was inspired by the basic human desire to understand what transpires across corporeal space.  The magnets symbolize touch.  They represent the complex nature of our physical connections with each other; the space between us when we touch, or when we connect through thought.   The floor is assembled to feel unstable and uncertain.  When a viewer steps on a board the floor bends and creaks under their feet.


Each of the magnetic sculptures is composed of wax thread and two circular magnets.  One magnet is hung from the ceiling.  It’s partner is tethered to the floor. The attraction between them keeps the tethered magnet floating with a space between the two.  They are attracted but denied touch.  Boards that have magnets tethered to them are not fully secured to the floor.  When a viewer steps on that board, the magnets separate further.  With each install the amount and placement of magnets vary.  The floor is made from found wood in different phases of decomposition.  There are spacers placed under each end of each plank of wood.  This causes the board to bend when stepped on.  There are no signs informing the viewer as to whether they are allowed to touch the magnets, however most viewers are inclined to do so.  It is their choice.  The viewer experiences an implied threshold — if the magnets are separated enough, one will fall.


Corporeal Threasholds from carolinevalites on Vimeo.